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Cambodia is a country located in the southeastern part of Asia, it is no doubt a beautiful place to visit and you can definitely visit this place throughout the year without any issue. There are many several places to visit in Cambodia and if you are looking for a vacation spot with less population and more greenery, Cambodia is a perfect place for you. Although there are many places to visit in Cambodia in this article we are going to be focused on one place. Talking Cambodia, one of the most famous parts of Cambodia is “Angkor Wat”. This place is so famous that when you search about Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the very first result that comes with Cambodia. The most significant landmark in Cambodia and one of the most well-known temples in the entire globe.
Today in this article, we are going to read about Angkor tourism. For the best visa services, you can visit Cambodia Visa Co and can apply for a visa. 



Without visiting Angkor Wat, a trip to Cambodia would be incomplete. To find the Angkorian hidden city, enter the thickest part of the forest in Cambodia. Many temples are encircled by enormous tree roots, beautiful bas-reliefs depict old tales, and enormous sandstones are scattered over the landscape. The current world's largest religious complex is Angkor Wat, according to reports. It was seen and compared that all the religious monuments on the earth are smaller than Angkor, you can think how huge and massive it is. The temple plays a very crucial role in Cambodia, it is so valued that even the Cambodia flag has an Angkor Wat design on it. 
Angkor and Wat are two words that translate to "city" or "capital city," respectively, in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. Therefore, Angkor Wat is also known as "Temple City" or "City of Temples." Vrah Vishnuloka or Parama Vishnuloka, which in Sanskrit means the holy habitation of Vishnu, was its original name. Now, Angkor Wat is known as a Buddhist temple, which means the temple shares two religions. In contrast to the Shaiva worship practiced by the preceding rulers, it was first constructed as a Hindu temple devoted to the deity Vishnu.
The gradual conversion into a Buddhist temple, which is still in use today, began around the end of the 12th century. Angkor Wat is oriented toward the west, a direction linked with death in Hindu tradition, as opposed to the majority of Angkorian temples, which are often facing east. As a result, a lot of archaeologists and academics have come to the conclusion that Suryavarman meant to utilize it as a burial temple.


  • At Angkor Wat, you would be in awe of the exquisite Hindu-style architecture. As a matter of fact, the Angkor temple represents both the Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In addition to this, you would be astounded to learn that engineering miracles in housing, sanitation, and irrigation started even while the globe was still in its infancy.
  • After finishing Angkor Wat, you may continue on to Angkor Thom and Bayon as they are nearby. These two temples serve as examples of Angkor's vibrant culture and past.
  • UNESCO designated the Angkor Wat temple as a World Heritage site in 1992 because it had a significant role in advancing both the Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions.
  • The Angkor Wat temple's premises face the west rather than the more typical eastern side, which is an intriguing feature. One of the most famous and interesting activities that tourists love is enjoying watching the sunset. 



  • It is necessary to ask respectfully while visiting Angkor Wat. You should keep your voice down while you are in the temple also you should know that you cannot touch the monks. 
  • Tourists entering the temple should know that the dress code should be followed at any cost. Anyone entering the temple should know that they have to be in a dress code in which their shoulders and knees are covered. 
  • The moment you visit Angkor temple, you will find children begging for food and money. It is strictly not allowed to give them anything. Due to free money and food source from tourists, these children avoid going to school. 
  • There is a pond near the entrance of Angkor Wat, this place is considered the most photogenic spot for tourists. You can find hundreds of pictures on Instagram where people stand in front of this pond and click some iconic pictures of the Angkor temple. 
  • Most of the time, Cambodia faces heat and warm weather. Visitors should be prepared for that by carrying sunscreen, sufficient water, lotions, etc. 



This article was about Angkor tourism and has all the related information about it. Angkor Wat is a great place to visit and along with Angkor Wat, there are hundreds of amazing places in Cambodia to visit. There are many historical temples, places, beaches, etc to explore. Cambodia has a rich and cultured history, the historical places of Cambodia have too many stories. In a country like Cambodia, history plays a very important role and visitors who visit Cambodia should know about it. Along with all the historical places, the cultural and traditional food of Cambodia is also the main reason behind my tourists visiting Cambodia. It is nothing but heaven to explore. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

You decide how long to stay in Angkor Wat, although we advise that you schedule at least 3 days to fully explore the site. Except in extreme cases, don't try to condense your stay into a single day.

The dry season, which normally lasts from November through March, is the busiest time to visit Angkor Wat. Although the weather is milder and drier now, this is also the busiest travel season, so there may be crowds.

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