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famous things you should know about cambodia

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Cambodia is celebrated for its incredible temples and stunning landscapes. The country is home to popular tourist destinations like Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap, but there are so many more sites that you need to see if you're planning a trip.


Here are some of the most famous attractions for you to visit on your trip to Cambodia.


Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor Archaeological Park is, without a doubt, the most visible and popular Cambodia has to offer.  Do arrive early to view the sunrise from Angkor Wat. Arrive at 4:30 am ahead of your tour group and be on a lower level at the gate in order to get in the front row of the temple courtyard. Amidst the tuk-tuk ride and freezing morning, the view is more than worth it.

The complex, in which many temples are housed, is deceivingly large. It will take at least three days for you to cover the whole temple.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

A visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Siem Reap and The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh are must-sees when visiting Cambodia. They display dark revelations about Cambodia's history, a Khmer Rouge genocide that killed two million people over a 30-year period. S-21 is the site of this prison and interrogation centre, which discusses some of the most gruesome events, so bring your lights as it's a heavy day. This has become one of the major attractions for tourists.

Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong Island is a relatively new island in Cambodia that has been growing in popularity as a much-needed alternative to Thailand and other neighbouring islands. It offers pristine beaches, waterfalls, greenery, and 800 residents. On the island, you’ll find everything necessary for a relaxing getaway (such as palm trees) plus the traditional Cambodian way of life will be alive and well.

If you prefer the social life of an island but are looking for a quieter escape or even a new hobby, Koh Rong is the perfect destination.

The King of Cambodia’s Palace

There are multiple buildings within this place of residence including courtyards, temples, and buildings. During their reign, the King of Cambodia hired architects to build a lavish and stunning palace. The main attraction in this complex is the silver pagoda which you will not want to miss.

The Khmer Rouge was a dictatorship consisting of Pol Pot. The country suffered under the harsh policies of forced labour, starvation, torture, and murder. They tore apart entire families in the process of creating a communist society. Cambodia remains scarred and families have still been torn apart as years go by. 


Floating Villages

They’re literally floating so it's surprising to see them in Siem Reap. There are some famous ones that have sped up the tourism industry such as Chong Kneas and Kampong Phluk, but they’re easy to find just down the river from the Tonle Sap, which is only a short drive away.

The further you go from the "centre of town," the more genuine, less commercialized and less touristy a floating village will be. Some of these villages have become too popular, with as many tourists as they do residents.

Night Markets: After the sun sets, cities come alive with food, market stalls, and business travellers. Tourists in Siem Reap fill Angkor Wat in the morning and then return to town for night markets at night.

If you’re looking for souvenirs and gift ideas to bring home with you, you’ll find them at the markets in Cambodia. You can also find clothing, artwork, or other handicrafts. Street food stalls are everywhere and offer everything from rolled ice cream to pancakes. The streets provide plenty of savoury dishes including rice, noodles, and curries.


Tuk-tuks, or three-wheeled taxis, are a cheaper and more abundant way to get around in Cambodia. On the app, Grab, it’s easy to order them from your destination to your destination, which is useful for not having to travel as far. Furthermore, these cars are smaller and easier than certain cars to use so you can easily make a commute on different routes. The ride on a tuk-tuk provides great relief in between some of your walkings around the temples.

Apsara Dance

Apsara Dance is a traditional ballet in Cambodia. They come from Hindu mythology and are described as having a tight-fitting silk bodice, a headdress and jewellery, and an ornamental collar. The dancers are adorned in beautiful costumes with a costume tightly fitted at the chest, a gold necklace and a jewelled collar.

French Architecture

Phnom Penh is full of French architecture and has a large concentration of buildings that survive the French colonial era. The grand post office, one of the most iconic buildings, has yellow walls and windows.

Across Southeast Asia, visitors can find a concoction of marijuana on pizza in order to create happiness. In Cambodia, this unusual creation is especially popular among travellers, staying in the Kampuchea Capital and Phnom Penh.

The most popular Khmer dish to try in Cambodia is Amok, which is typically fish and coconut curry. Chicken versions of this dish are more common, but the enter your food will find plenty of variations with lemongrass, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and shallots as ingredients.



Cambodia has a long and rich history that is full of interesting stories. Cambodia is famous for its temples, which are some of the most beautiful in the world. The country also has a diverse culture that includes indigenous Khmer and Buddhist cultures, as well as French, Chinese, and other influences. Cambodia is a fascinating place to visit, and its history is sure to fascinate anyone who takes the time to learn about it.

Cambodia is known for its temples, some of which date back more than 1,000 years.. Some of the most famous Cambodian traditions include Khmer dance and music, pagoda-building, silk production, and the use of Kampuchea kroeung (a type of palm sugar).  Cambodia is also home to several significant archaeological sites, including the Preah Vihear Temple Complex and Angkor Wat. Culture and Heritage Of Cambodia.

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Cambodia is well-known for its stunning temples and lush landscapes, but there are many other things to explore in this fascinating country. From the bustling city streets of Phnom Penh to the more rugged countryside, Cambodia has something for everyone. So if your travels take you to Cambodia, don't forget to check out some of the country's other attractions! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can explore the country's ancient history in Siem Reap, or learn about its recent history at Tuol Sleng.

It is estimated that around one fourth of the population of Cambodia speaks English, but Khmer is the official language. There is a wide variety of languages they speak and some are being reintroduced to struggling communities.

Greetings in Cambodia typically use palms together at chest level and a slight bow. This is called Som Pas and this indicates the extent of respect. Greetings are often done with hands elevated higher and lower gestures denote greater respect. 

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