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If you have opened this site after seeing the title of the article, sure you are looking for advice on a Cambodia visa application form Canada for Cambodia. The Canadian passport is the most powerful passport. The ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation has introduced the eVisa service for Cambodia where you can apply for a visa online by sitting at your home in your comfort. 

If you are traveling as a tourist, you need to apply for a Cambodia tourist visa Canada. The process of a business Cambodia visa Canada is complicated. Because you will have to show all the documents regarding the company invitation to you.


Cambodia visa requirements Canada if you are applying online

  1. Passport: A passport is a mandatory document that you must have when you are applying for a Cambodia Cambodia visa Canada. The following point to keep in mind before the submission of your passport:
  • The validity of the passport must be more than 6 months.
  • An international passport is required  and issued by the government of china
  • The number of passports, the expiry date of your passport, and your nationality must be mentioned in your passport.
  • Photo requirement for Canadian citizens

  • Two photos are needed.
  • The background should be white background
  • The size of the photo should be 3.5*4.5 cm
  • The should not be any facial expressions like smile, sad, anger, happy, etc
  • There should not be any kind of accessories like nose pins, sunglasses, or neck chains.
  1. Basic traveling allowance: You need to show the evidence of basic traveling allowance while applying for the Cambodia visa Canada.
  2. Return ticket: You must have the return ticket with you. So, before even starting your traveling, You need to fix the return ticket.
  3. Confirmed Hotel Stay: You need to show the document of your stay in the hotel. 
  4. Invitation letter from the company: If you are applying for a business visa, you need to show the letter of your invitation from the company you will be working for after reaching Cambodia.

Guidance to get a Cambodia visa Canada online for Canadian citizens

Even though you can apply for your Cambodia visa on arrival in Canada at the airport or at your nearest embassy, You are suggested to apply online for the Cambodia visa Canada. The government of Cambodia is giving you the service of applying for a visa online which is also easy and more convenient than applying at the embassy or airport. Because you will have to wait in a queue when you apply offline on arrival. This will take unnecessary time from you. Online Cambodia visa application form Canada is going to save your time. So, the option of applying for a visa, online is the best option to opt for.

Following are the step of getting your online visa for Canadian citizens:

Step1: Fill out the Cambodia visa Canada form

  • This is the first step that you need to fill the form with the information from the official website.

Step2: Submit your document

  • While filling out the form, you need to submit some documentation like your health insurance, hotel booking, returning ticket, company’s name, invitation paper

Step3: Payment

  • You have to pay the fee that shows on your display. 

Step4: Submit the form after the completion

  • When you complete the Cambodia visa application form Canada, you have to submit them and it is an important step. Without submitting the application, the official won’t receive the details of your application

Step5: Receive your e-visa:

You will receive your e-visa via your email given by you at the time of form filling. They will send the e-visa in the provided email. So, always give the email that is active and in use. If you want hard paper for your e-visa, you can just print out the e-visa.

Covid-19 Terms and conditions

You must have taken the vaccine. Vaccine cards should be there with you

If you are not vaccinated, you have to stay in quarantine for 14 days in Cambodia. The hotel charge while staying in quarantine should be paid by you. The charge in a private hotel is more than a government one.

The American vaccine is given more priority as compared to other countries’ vaccines.

The PCR should be done after the quarantine period end. If the result will be negative, you will be allowed to enter Cambodia.

Information that should be provided with the Cambodia visa application form Canada

  • Personal information includes full name, gender, nationality
  • Passport with at least 6 months' validity 
  • Two photographs with white background and neutral facial expression



There is the option of applying for the Cambodia visa Canada online because Canada doesn’t have a Cambodian embassy. So, you have to apply for the e-Visa online website. You can also apply for a Cambodia visa on arrival in Canada at the airport but the process is time-consuming because you need to wait in a queue for the application at the counter. Applying online for a visa is very popular and everyone is applying online. 

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