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Requirements to be fulfilled to travel to Cambodia

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Cambodia's Visa will save you time if you apply online. From the official site only, anyone can complete their application which is simple to follow and you can also receive the visa via email. It allows foreigners to visit Cambodia for the purposes of tourism but the students or people who are looking to study and work respectively are Cambodia e visas are required to contact the Cambodian Embassy or Consulate. Because it is impossible for them to work or study by e-Visa only. It is important to get a visa for Cambodia before entering the country.  

E-visa is available for people from any country who can apply. This blog focuses on the Cambodian e visa requirements.

Following are the Cambodia e visa requirements

1. Passport

You must have the original and valid passport, including one of the personal information pages of your passport. The passport must: 

  • Valid for the 6 months
  • Should have one blank visa page
  • Passport with all details without any page torn, separated or altered in any other illegal way.

2. Photographs

  • You need to provide on colour, passport size photo with the below criteria:
  • Photos must be recent clicks means, clicked within the last three months of your application.
  • Printed on high-quality photo paper
  • The background colour should be white
  • Full frontal view of your head with your face in the centre with a neutral facial expression. (No smiling, sad, happy, afraid, angry)
  • Eyeglasses and other accessories like headwear, earrings, chain, nose rings should not be on your face

3. Visa Application Form 

  • The visa application form should have all the answers included for all fields
  • Your full name same as in your passport without any spelling changes
  • Your signature is a must

4. Proof of Travel Arrangements

  • You are going to travel in which place and for what duration of your trip is included. Details of your agreements like:
  • Should include a copy of an itinerary or e-ticket that displays your trip travel with entry and exit dates for your destination
  • Should mention the traveller’s full name 

5. Proof of Health Insurance

  • It is mandatory to have health insurance before visiting Cambodia. Insurance should include the below points:
  • A minimum coverage of at least %50,000
  • The time of travelling should be covered

Features of An e-Visa

  • It only allows an applicant to stay for a maximum of 30 days, not more than that
  • It is the single entry Cambodia tourist visa visa
  • It takes 2-3 days for the visa process
  • The validity is 3 months of an e-Visa from the issued date

Important points to remember

  • Every visa is only for a single entry means if you want to visit another country and try to return to Cambodia, you won’t be allowed. So, in this case, two e-Visa is needed.
  • For kids below 12 years old, there are no Cambodia e visa requirements when they are travelling with their parents.
  • An applicant is not allowed to modify the dates if you delay the trip. So for that, you have to apply again for a new e-Visa. 
  • Two printout copies of the e-Visa should be there with you. Cambodia e visa requirements at the immigration section and another at the time of departure.
  • You must fill out the departure card and arrival card at entry as well as exit points.
  • You can modify the date if you are unsure of the travelling date even after applying for an e-Visa but it should be within the validity period of the e-Visa.


To conclude, Visa is needed for Cambodia in any situation. You can’t travel to Cambodia without Visa. The security guard will check your visa and passport at the border before entering the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can carry an e-Visa which you get by applying online for tourism purposes only. 

Yes, you can extend the Cambodia visas both for the Cambodia tourist visa and ordinary. You can extend e-Visa also. But Visa is extended only once for another 30 days at the immigration department of the Cambodia National Police.

Ordinary e-Visas can be extended for 1,3,6, or 12 months after showing the need for a stay in Cambodia. You must have all the relevant documents relating to your purpose in Cambodia when you extend your Visa. 

You can also apply for a Cambodia Visa at an Embassy. Here is the guide to follow to apply for Visa at an Embassy:

Go and visit the nearest embassy with all your details of addresses and contact information and documents. You need to visit the website to learn more about the application process and Cambodia e visa requirements.

  • Original Passport that must be valid for 6 months from the date of leaving Cambodia.
  • Confirmed the air ticket with all the details.
  • 3 photos: 4*6cm with white background and Matt Finish. Face size must be 80%, and eyes, ears, and forehead should be visible clearly.

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