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Cambodia E visa guidelines

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Cambodia is a place where people from different countries come to enjoy diverse attractions. To enjoy the diverse attractions Visa needed for Cambodia, Angkor Wat is a world heritage site which UNESCO once said,” Cambodia is home to an array of diverse attractions.” Phnom Penh is a sight to behold at night, the elephant valley project which is in Monfulkai gives the experience of wildlife in the country. If you want to give a pleasant scene to your eyes then Bokor mountain and Kampot river are the best places full of nature. You can get Cambodia visa faster and more efficiently and travelers can simply request a visa online only and receive the confirmation visa within 3-4 business days. The e-Visa was introduced for the promotion of the tourism industry in Cambodia in 2006.  Interested in having a good time in Cambodia? Right? Visa needed for Cambodia to visit. And to have a Visa, there are many ways, you can apply online through the official website of Cambodian Foreign Affairs Services, offline by arriving at the airport or at the Embassy of Cambodia crossing and get Cambodia visa. This article focuses only on E-Visa which you can apply online. Here are some guides for those who are applying to get Cambodia visa.

Complete Online Application

Visa needed for Cambodia. So, to apply for a Visa. The very first process is to have all documents and fill up the online form from the official website of Cambodian Foreign Affairs Services.

The documents that you need

While filling out the form, you need to have the documents that I have mentioned to get Cambodia visa:

  •  A valid passport
  •  A personal picture
  •  An email to receive the visa
  •  A bank card to pay the e-Visa cost that you are required to pay whatever they charge to get Cambodia visa


Wait for the Document verification

After finishing the form filling, they will send you the approved documents within a few days. For this, you need to do both to get Cambodia visa approved. Wait, They just check all your documents and will approve after verification.

Receive your travel visa

It will take about 3 days and you will receive the Cambodia eVisa.

Start Your Journey

Now, you can start your journey and travel to Cambodia by showing your passport and approved eVisa for confirmation to the immigration officers at the entry point.

Advantages of choosing e-Visa

There are pros to having an e-Visa with you. The very first advantage is that we can apply it only at our own convenience. You need the internet only and can access anything from anywhere. 


E-Visa is safe because you can get Cambodia visa on your mobile, or laptop and it can't be stolen unless you delete it on your own.

Easy to Apply

Applying for an offline visa, you need to go to the embassy and do all the work physically. But you don’t need to go and walk to the embassy to get Cambodia visa


Receiving an e-Visa is a fast process and can be received within 2-3 days. You can also apply to get Cambodia visa even a few days before traveling.


You can get help related to e-Visa easily by contacting the customer support desk in case you don’t know the processes. 


So, Applying for an e-Visa is easy and you get Cambodia visa approved within 2-3 days. There are also many advantages of e-Visa. As guidance, I have already mentioned all the possible points that are going to help you while applying for an online e-Visa. As a Visa needed for Cambodia, you can get Cambodia visa with an e-Visa, travellers can enter Cambodia for 3 months without any visa issuance.



Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to wait for 2-3 working days. They will send you a Gmail to confirm your visa. However, there might be a delay whenever there is something wrong with the application. In case of wrong details, the office will contact you and ask you to provide some more dictionaries that will help them to correct the information in the form.

Visa needed for Cambodia by travelers from any country except for the travelers from Singapore but they can’t stay longer than 30 days, Malaysians also can’t stay more than 30 days, the Philippines can’t stay more than 21 days, and Vietnam can’t stay more than 14 days. You can also verify on your own whether you need to get Cambodia visa or not through an eligibility checker on google.

After getting Cambodia visa approved e-Visa Cambodia, you need to print it and carry it with your original passport which will be asked to show while traveling.


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