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The first step to visiting Cambodia is obtaining a visa (if you’re not a national of a Cambodia visa-exempt country). The government of Cambodia issues multiple types of visas, based on the traveler’s purpose of visit.

Type B visa to Cambodia is yet another type of visa that the country offers to its guests and like every other visa type, it is also granted on certain conditions. The article is a holistic explanation of what a type B visa is, its types, and the conditions on which a traveler should go for this type of visa.


What is a Type B Visa to Cambodia?

A type B visa is a type of visa issued by the government of Cambodia to travelers who intend to enter the country for a temporary period. Based on the reason for entry, a B-type visa can be classified into 2 different types.

  1. B-1 Cambodia Visa: A B-1 visa for Cambodia is granted only to the travelers who’re visiting the country for business-related purposes.
  2. B-2 Cambodia Visa: Unlike a B-1 visa, B-2 visas are approved for non-business purposes only (for instance, tourism and leisure).

Usually, a combination of these two visa types is issued with the name “B-1/B-2 visa” and is valid for tourism as well as for business purposes. 

Requirements for Getting a Cambodia Type B Visa

To receive a B-visa approval, the applicant applying for a Cambodian B-visa needs to present a strong reason to return to his home country. In the practical sense, the consular officer holds wide discretion to disapprove a Cambodia visa application. Moreover, there are no judicial means to question the decision of the officer if your visa is disapproved.

Clearly, visa applications are quite uncertain, making it necessary to consult an expert who can guide you to get visa approval without any chaos. Cambodia E Visa Online is a professional visa consultancy, excelling in getting a Cambodia visa approved within a few days and that too, with minimum formalities and complications. You can get in touch with us to start your Cambodia visa application and fly to this country of wonders.

Acceptable Reasons for a Cambodia B-1 Visa

A Cambodia B-1 visa is granted only for the following reasons.

  • Holding/attending a business meeting
  • Purchase of goods, supplies, or raw material
  • Negotiate or sign contracts 
  • Attending a trade show, convention, meeting
  • Performing research independently 
  • Rendering a professional service
  • Visit as a professional performer in some cultural exchange event (given that it is performed for a non-paying audience)
  • Visiting to work as a crew member for a private yacht. 
  • Visiting as a participant or professional athlete in an international sports event, provided that prize money is the only compensation the athlete is receiving
  • Surveying a site for business
  • Repair, servicing, or installation of a machine
  • Visiting as an intern

Acceptable Reasons To Apply for a Cambodia B-2 Visa

Here are a few reasons to opt for a Cambodia B-2 visa.

  • Visiting a family member or a friend
  • Attending or participating in a social or fraternal convention or conference 
  • Short-term medical treatment 
  • Short-term educational course not intending to provide a degree
  • Attending or participating in a non-compensated talent show 
  • Making arrangements for a wedding or meeting a fiance

Exceptions to a Cambodia Type B Visa

There are a set of reasons why a traveler can’t apply for a B type visa in Cambodia. Here are a few exceptions to consider while applying for a type B visa for Cambodia. 

  • Visiting for gainful or paid employment activities 
  • Receiving a degree from an educational institution 
  • Working as a journalist or in any type of media
  • Performing in an event comprising paid audience 
  • Long-term stays or becoming a permanent resident of Cambodia
  • For managing a Cambodia-based business



Cambodia is an excellent choice to visit in 2022. Start your Cambodia visa process today by contacting us through any of the specified mediums and plan a memorable trip to this lively country.

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