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The Bangladeshi citizens are willing to visit Cambodia for tourist purposes or business purposes. They all need to have their visa with them for entry. Without a visa, you cannot visit Cambodia. Previously, there was only one option for applying visa, which is going to the nearest embassy or arriving at the airport. Now you have the option for both online and offline. The Cambodian government is giving Cambodia tourist visa online services to apply for an electronic visa (eVisa). 

If you want to apply for eVisa, we are here for you at your service.

Important information Cambodia visa for Bangladeshi

Processing Time

The processing time for a Cambodia visa online is 3 to 4 working days from the day you apply for the visa.


The fee is not specific and it differs from the type of Cambodia visa online you apply for. I would request you to contact us to know the exact fees and charges. We will provide you with the exact fee so that you can decide whether to apply for a visa or not.

Hotel booking 

If you are applying for a business Cambodia visa online, you need to show the company invitation from Cambodia where you will be working. For Cambodia tourist visa for Bangladeshi, you have to write a cover letter mentioning all the details and information.

  • Take vaccination card: If you have taken the vaccination, kindly carry the card with you. The official at the airport will ask you to show the vaccination card. UK’s vaccination card is acceptable. If you have not taken the vaccination, you will quarantine for 14 days after your arrival in Cambodia. The payment or charge for the quarantine stay in a hotel should be done by yourself. However, you need to pay less in a government hotel than in a private hotel. The private hotel will charge you more fees. After the completion of your quarantine period, The PCR test must be done on the thirteenth day of quarantine. 
  • Transportation rules: You are not allowed to drive outside of city limits in Cambodia. If you ignore the traffic light, you will be punished and pay a fine. If unfortunately, you violate the traffic rule, You are suggested to contact your insurance company for guidance. They will guide you to deal with the police. The use of moto-taxis is not suggested to you because of safety purposes. 


Cambodia visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens

1. Passport

  • The validity of the passport must be for six months.
  • There must be two blank pages in your passport.

2. Photographs

  • The background should be white.
  • The photo size is 3.5*4.5cm.
  • Neutral face expressions (no smiling, happy, sad, angry, etc).

3. Invitation letter from the company

The Cambodia company must have sent the invitation to you. You need to submit while applying for a business Cambodia visa online. 

4. Travel ticket

You need to submit the travel ticket for return form Cambodia

5. Hotel booking

Where are you going to stay in Cambodia after reaching there? You have to show the hotel booking.

Guidance to get a Cambodia on arrival visa for Bangladeshi

Step1: Reach the nearest embassy or at the airport.

Step2: Visit the immigration counter at the airport.

Step3: Fill out the application form.

Step4: Submit the form after filling in all the details.

Step5: Pay the visa-free at the counter.

Step6: Collect your visa.

Step7: Enter Cambodia.

Guidance to get a Cambodia visa online for Bangladeshi citizens 

Step 1: Fill out the visa form

The very first step to follow for the next process. You need to fill out the form with the required information.

Step 2: Submit the documentation

The document they asked you to submit, you need to submit. Documents like health insurance, an invitation from the Cambodia company.

Step 3: Pay the fee

You must have debit and credit to pay the fee.

Step 4: Submit the form

The last and final step to do is that you have to submit the application.

Guidance for the extension

Extend by yourself: You can visit the office of immigration at the airport and apply for the extension. Applying by yourself at the airport or embassy may take time because there might be might line of people waiting for their visa extensions. Apart from applying for a visa for Cambodia, we also provide the service of visa extension for our customers.


Traveling to Cambodia is easy and more convenient. Not only for Bangladeshi citizens, but it is also an easy process for all the Cambodian tourist visas for Bangladeshi out there. The Cambodia visa online service provided by the Cambodian government has made it all possible. Hence, I would suggest you apply only for a Cambodia visa online because you don’t need to wait in a long queue at the airport or embassy.


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