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Another popular way of planning a short trip to Cambodia is by applying for a Cambodia transit visa, which allows the holder to explore the country in a slightly different way. If you have no clue of what miracles can a transit visit do to make your trip the most memorable trip of your life, you’re at the right place in this article, we’ll look at the ins and outs of a transit visa in Cambodia and also learn how you can get your transit visa in no time. 

What is a Cambodia Transit Visa

Whenever we talk about planning a holiday or just visiting a country, the only chronology that comes into your mind is applying for a tourist visa, waiting for approval, and flying to the country.  But do you know that you can visit Cambodia if you have plans to visit some country? If not, here is how you can do it!

A transit visa is a unique type of visa that allows the visa owner to visit Cambodia on his way to some other country. To elaborate, you can get off in Cambodia and exit the airport using this special permit and explore the country within the validity period of your Cambodia transit visa, making it a quick and convenient way to plan a vacation to this mesmerizing Southeast Asian country.

Who Can Apply for a Transit Visa

A transit visa is useful only if your flight halts at an airport in Cambodia. You can book a connected flight from your home country to Cambodia and Cambodia to your final destination and that’s it, you’ve successfully planned two vacations at a time!


More About Cambodia Transit Visa

If you are planning to apply for a transit visa in Cambodia, here are a few things that you must know.

  • A transit visa is often referred to as a type D Cambodia visa
  • The maximum validity allowed on a transit visa in Cambodia is 96 hours, which means that you need to leave for your final destination within 4 days from the date of arrival at any of Cambodia’s airports
  • The visa is stamped and issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and international cooperation
  • A transit visa application must be routed through a consulate, a registered visa sponsor, or a travel agent. 
  • Cambodia also provides an option for a transit visa on arrival to some countries, which means that you can get your transit visa after arriving at Cambodia’s airport. 

Documents Required for a Cambodia Transit Visa

Just like applying for any other type of visa, a transit visa also demands a group of documents that every applicant must submit along with his transit visa application form. Here is the list of all these documents. 

  • A passport with 6 months remaining validity and 2 blank pages
  • The applicant’s colored passport-size photograph on a white background 
  • Flight tickets to your final destination 
  • Approved visa for your final destination
  • The details of the flight to the third country
  • Photocopies of the data pages of your passport 
  • Accommodation details (if booked)

Make sure to consult a reliable travel operator or visa consultant before applying for a transit visa.

COVID-19 Documents

If you’re an unvaccinated or partially-vaccinated traveler who is planning to get a transit visa, it is important to present a negative Rt-PCR test report at the airport. Please note that the test report must not be older than 72 hours from the date of departure. If you have taken both doses of a WHO-approved vaccine, you need to show your vaccination certificate while immigrating. Your vaccination certificate will be considered valid only if your last dose was taken more than 14 days ago.


How to Apply for a Transit Visa

A transit visa can be easily obtained by submitting a visa application online through Cambodia Visa Co, which is a powerful platform designed to simplify the process of Cambodia visa application for travelers from all around the globe. People know us for our 100% satisfaction and complete guarantee on Cambodia visas. We have been a visa sponsor for more than 500k clients and will be glad to assist you with your Cambodia visa application. 

To submit an application for a Cambodia transit visa online, you can get in touch with our team. Our team members are professional consultants and experts in their fields. They will help you get your transit visa effortlessly and that too, in the shortest possible time. You can contact us through the following methods. 

  • Built-in live chat support on our website 
  • 24x7 mail support at
  • Website contact form
  • Telephone

The Final Verdict

Transit visas can prove to be your best investment if you wish to explore a country like Cambodia. Contact us today to get your Cambodia transit visa and satisfy your thirst for a memorable vacation in the arms of nature.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get your transit visa after arriving at Cambodia’s airport or submit an application online at your nearest embassy.

Yes, Cambodia is an extremely safe country with a very low crime rate and thus, you won’t face any issues while travelling here. 


Cambodia is famous for its grasslands, coastline, mountains, ruins of Angkor Wat, etc.

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