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Best universities to pursue your education in cambodia

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Education is an utmost necessity in any individual's life which helps in giving out opportunities that help in the growth of one's career and personal prospects. Many students in recent times are seeking to pursue their higher education abroad, and in particular, if you're someone who wishes to do the same in Cambodia, you are at the right place. Being a country that has a plethora of things to offer when it comes to tourism, Cambodia also provides excellent prospects in providing higher education degrees through its well-established and reputed universities. In this article, we will be discussing what these reputed universities are in Cambodia with additional information about obtaining a student visa which is an essential requirement for any international student wishing to study here.  
Before applying or for your application procedure, if there is any situation where you see yourself visiting the country, a Cambodia visa is what you'll be needing. To help you get the same, we advise you to visit Cambodia Visa Co and seek out its services to fulfill your visa need.  

Cambodian Education System

The state constrained schooling in Cambodia through the Service of Training at the general level and the Branch of Schooling at the expected level. The Cambodian school system incorporates preschool, essential training, advanced education, and non-formal instruction. The school system includes the improvement of sports, data innovation training, research advancement, and specialized instruction. School enlistment expanded during the 2000s in Cambodia. USAID information shows that in 2011 essential enlistment came to 96% of the young populace, lower auxiliary school 34%, and upper optional 21%.
The Human Resource Management Institute (HRMI) observes that Cambodia satisfies just 68.2% of what it ought to help for the right to schooling in the light of the nation's degree of pay. While thinking about Cambodia's pay level, the country is accomplishing 86.2% of what ought to be conceivable because of its assets (compensation) for essential training; however, just 50.1% for optional schooling. HRMI separates the right to instruction by checking out basic training and other schooling freedoms.


Renowned Cambodian Universities

Until the end of the world, the notice of Cambodia evokes pictures of the Angkor Wat sanctuaries, Asian elephants, and the vivid business sectors of Siem Reap. However, the modest nation makes a promising report objective too. Cambodia may not be generally perceived in scholastics; however, it is one of the greatest nations to learn about nature, culture, customs, and mankind. In this article, we will be checking out the best colleges in Cambodia for global understudies.

Royal University of Phnom Penh 

Established in 1960 and found in the urban setting of the metropolis of Phnom Penh, the Royal University of Phnom Penh is a reputed university found in Cambodia. It is a non-profit public higher education institution that is recognized by official authorities of Cambodia, like the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of Cambodia
As a student of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, one can opt for different courses and programs through which one can get officially recognized degrees like bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.
The admission policy in this institution is based on entrance examinations and seeing students' past academic records and grades. It is also considered the most selective institution in Cambodia, having a rate of 0-10%. Being over 60+ years old in the university, there will be no lacking when it comes to the availability of facilities, be it academic or non-academic. The Royal University of Phnom Penh offers its students a library, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses, and distance learning opportunities, with other administrative services. 

University of Puthisastra 

The University of Puthisastra is a private higher education institution that was founded in 2007 and is located in the city of Phnom Penh. Also recognized by the official authorities of  Cambodia, like the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia, it is considered a small coeducational Cambodian higher education institution (1,000-1,999 students). 
At the University of Puthisastra, you can opt for officially recognized higher education degrees which include pre-bachelor degrees, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees in several areas of study. Offering types of assistance and offices like a library, sports offices, monetary guide as well as grants, concentrate abroad and trade projects, and others, one can sign up for this college through a placement test while additionally giving records of your past scholastic records and levels. 

The University of Cambodia 

Since Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia, there is a trend of finding top universities in Cambodia in this city, and in no case, the situation is going to be different if we talk about The University of Cambodia. Founded in 2003 and located in the capital city, this is a non-profit private higher education and a well-recognized university by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia. The enrollment policy of this university is also based on a selective admission policy where students are required to give an entrance examination and also provide their past academic records and grades. The University of Cambodia by offering recognized higher education degrees like pre-bachelor, bachelor's, and master's degrees in different areas of study. You can anticipate that you should finish your course and partake in a few scholars and non-scholastic offices of a library, sports, monetary guide or potentially grants, concentrate abroad and trade programs, online courses, and distance learning valuable open doors, as well as other regulatory administrations. 


Institute of Technology of Cambodia 

The Institute of Technology of Cambodia is a highly regarded institution in the country. It will be a suitable option for you if you're looking to pursue a higher education degree in a field related to technology. Established in 1964, this is a non-benefit public foundation arranged in the metropolitan city of Phnom Penh and is well formally acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) is a coeducational Cambodian advanced education organization. With the admission range of 20-30%, consider this institution a very selective one in which the admission enrollment policy is held based on entrance examinations and students past academic grades and records. This 50+-year-old university welcomes every student and aims to provide them with all the necessary facilities and services.  

Details on Cambodia Student Visa  

Being aware of the top universities found in Cambodia, if you're an international student who is seeking to pursue your scholastic goals in any of the above institutions, obtaining an authorized student visa for you is a must. To brief you on the Cambodia student visa, it is a visa type that is provided to all students intending to visit Cambodia for educational purposes. Obtaining this visa will allow a student to complete their education in whatever institution they have opted for in Cambodia
To be eligible for a student visa, you must first have an ordinary Cambodia visa which is a visa one must have if they are planning to extend their stay. This visa is allowed to be extended depending on the purpose of your stay. It is to be noted this is not a tourist visa, as tourist visas cannot be extended. After having an ordinary visa, through ES visa extension, which is a student visa, it can be extended for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months to facilitate your stay in the country as a student.  

Cambodia Student Visa Qualifications  

Any student wishing to obtain a Cambodia student visa must meet these given down below requirements -  

  • A letter of acceptance must be provided showing that the applicant has been offered a study course at a recognized educational institution in the country 
  • Candidates must prove that they have enough amount of funds to facilitate their stay in the country 
  • A proof that shows the course fees have been paid in full  
  • Private health insurance must be set up with supporting documentation. Proof of the same must be offered. 
  • Candidates must be certain that they intend to go back to their native country at the end of their study year. 
  • All foreigners living in Cambodia should abide by all national immigration regulations, rules, and formalities. 
  • Only approved and licensed training institutions may be used for the study. 



Besides the country's tourism and abundant attractions of natural wonders and other places to be in, Cambodia also provides a good base for pursuing higher education by offering some top well-established universities in the country. If you're an international student seeking to study in Cambodia, through this article, we aim to provide you with details on the top Universities in Cambodia with additional information about the Cambodia student visa, which is a requirement for any international student.   
Shortly, if you want to invite your family or friends to visit you in Cambodia during your educational venture, make sure they apply for a Cambodia e-visa through the services of Cambodia Visa Co, which is also a necessity for tourism or family visits.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students can afford the expense of living in Cambodia. The nation is among the least expensive places to live, with acceptable costs for restaurants, transportation, healthcare, and other amenities if you're from a more developed nation. 



As a student, you can help your finances by taking part in part-time jobs during your academic vacations. These part-time jobs includes  Digital Marketing, Supermarket cashiers, Working as a volunteer for NGOs, Housekeeping, Data Entry, English Teaching, Computer jobs, Call Center Opportunities, Bar attendant, Freelancing.  

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