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best places to visit with family in cambodia

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Planning a trip with your friends and partner is one thing but planning a trip with your family is something totally different. You will not only need to look after them but also make sure that there is not a moment of boredom for them, as it will make your trip something you won't fondly remember. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to plan a trip with your family as each family member's expectations from the trip are quite different from one another. 

If you are also planning a trip with your family but are confused about the place that will excite your kids along with fulfilling your parents' wanderlust then you must consider Cambodia as your next destination. Home to Angkor, the country has a lot of promising and exciting things that you and your kids would love and participate in equally. 



If you want to earn how you can make the maximum of your trip with your family in Cambodia, then there are a few places and activities that you must engage in. 

Ta Prohm 

How can you not take your family to the actual mission ground of Lara Croft? Among all the Cambodian temples, Ta Prohm is the one your kids will get most excited at as it is the same place where the famous film 'Tomb Raider' had been shot. Neither you nor your kids would be able to control your imagination once you visit the place, you may feel like unleashing your inner 'Lara Croft' 

Zip lining in the Angkor Archaeological Park 

Located near Angkor Wat, the Angkor Archaeological Park has some thrilling activities that are completely safe for children and elderly parents and will provide them with moments of extreme excitement. One such activity is Ziplining over the dense jungle in Angkor. Gliding over the dense forest will provide you with some of the most picturesque views ever and this might be one of the most memorable activities you would do with your kids.  

Boating in the River Menko 

Kampi is a village in Kratie situated at the banks of the river Menko. Visit the village and go kayaking in the magnificent river Menko. With your kids by your side, it would not be possible to kayak, so you can book a boat and explore the amazing location. You can witness the freshwater Dolphins along with some other amazing marine animals. Boat through the rainforests and after the boat ride, you can relax on the small islands along the river and go swimming with your kids. 

The Rabbit Island 

Situated half an hour away from Kampot, Kep Island is the gateway to Rabbit Island. If there is one place where the insane amount of energy of your children can be well spent, it is Rabbit Island. The island has a lot of exciting activities that your family would love to do. Participate in things such as hiking, snorkelling, and many more once you visit the place. Once everyone is exhausted, you can go for a walk through the ruins of the historic Cambodian houses and the French Architectural Buildings. 

Ride the Bamboo Train at Battambang 

One of the most famous kids’ favourite activities in Cambodia is the Bamboo Train Ride in Battambang. The 20-minute ride takes the tourist from the serene countryside of Battambang on a bamboo train, locally called 'Norrie'. Not just the kids, but every family member is going to enjoy the ride. 


Capturing the Amazing View from Ploy Thmey Swing Bridge 

Also called the 'Hanging Bridge', the Ploy Thmey Swing Bridge will surely excite each of your family members. Located in Battambang, the bridge is a serene attraction and provides an amazing view of the surrounding area. The bridge was constructed to connect the two villages on the opposite sides of the river and due to the high level of water in the bridge, the bridge has been constructed at a very high height. Don't forget to visit the monastery at the start of the bridge and pray with your whole family. 



Cambodia has some amazing places that your family would love to visit. If you are visiting Cambodia with your family, you will need to give some extra attention to children and parents. Kids are not going to sit at a place and enjoy the amazing architecture of the Angkor and other magnificent Cambodian monuments, they will want to engage in different activities and try something new. For that, you can visit these amazing places and engage in all the exciting things that are safe for your kids and parents alike. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The tourist activities in Cambodia are developed in such a way that age or physical characteristics do not become a limitation for tourists. So, you should surely plan a trip with your parents to Cambodia. 


The charges for the Bamboo Train Ride are quite affordable, i.e., just $3-5 per person. 


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