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Cambodia is a country where many people go for travel only but some people want to do work in Cambodia. Cambodia is following some strict laws regarding work visas. There is also a proper work permit and the people who want to work there, need to have to take care of the laws of Cambodia while starting their work. You need to have a local license from the company you are going to work with.

About the work permit?

The work permit is the first and most important document that you need to have which helps you to work anywhere other than your native country. This document issued by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training gives you permission to people from other countries to work in Cambodia legally. If you have a work permit document, you can work without any disturbance from Cambodia because the document gives you the right to legal stay and work. The people who are working in social work and NGOs can work in Cambodia without Cambodia's work permits. The validity of the work permit is for 1 year in Cambodia. If you complete your 1 year, you must have to re-apply from the ministry of labor and vocational training between 1 January to 30 march for a work permit.

Types of Cambodia work permit

There are two types of Cambodia work permits and you can apply for both two.

1. Temporary work permit

It is for the people who are visiting for the short period in Cambodia. Labors, workers, technical specialists, and professionals can apply for a temporary work permit.

2. Permanent work permit

This is issued to those whose spouses are working there in Cambodia with Cambodian visas. It can be issued to investors also.

Types of work visas in Cambodia

There are different types of work visas in Cambodia for different workers who are visiting Cambodia for work. All have to take a work visa in Cambodia according to their work. As per the rules, the foreign workers must have an e-class visa which is also known as a business or ordinary visa, and the validity of an e-class visa is 30 days. Along with the e-class visa, you also must have a work permit card and an employment card issued by the ministry of labor and vocational training (MLVT). More types of work visas in Cambodia are:

EG Visa

This is for those who want are visiting Cambodia for the first time in search of an employee in Cambodia. The validity period is one, three, or six months. So, you have to search for work within the validity period of the EG Visa.

EP Visa

This visa followed by an E-class visa can stay for 30 days up to the e-class visa expiry. This visa is issued to people who are coming to Cambodia to look for a job.

EB Visa

This visa is the most common visa for all the people out there who are willing to work in Cambodia. It can be issued to start a business in Cambodia and do freelancing.

ER Visa

This visa is issued to students who are attending their School or university in Cambodia. Students will have the right to extend the visa as long as they can but they need to show the letter from the Cambodian school and university.

ET Visa

This visa is issued to those who want to work in the trade or industries. The ET Visa is known for technician visa extension.


Visa requirement to work in Cambodia

You can not apply directly for a work visa. There is a requirement that you have to meet before applying. Following are the visa requirements to work in Cambodia: 

  •  You need to have a certificate for the company with the company stamp.
  •  The address of your business that has been registered.
  •  Your personal information such as Your name, gender, date of birth, id cards, passports, name of your father and mother, qualification, photo, health certificate, copy of e- Visa, etc.
  •  Tax patent of the company.
  •  The company must be approved by the ministry of commerce.
  •  The company’s articles of incorporation. 


You can apply for a Cambodia work permit visa application at Phnom Penh airport. But it is suggested to get it before you go to Cambodia for work. You can visit the nearest Cambodian embassy and submit all the required documents. For more information, kindly chat with the bot or reach us. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a work visa for Cambodia by applying the application for the work visa in the ministry of labour and vocational training (MLVT)

Cambodia works visa requirement is the certificate of your company, a copy of your visa, and your personal information like your name, gender, photo, date of birth, etc.


Yes, you can renew your Cambodia visa after the visa gets expire.

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